Garage Door Maintenance

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Maintaining your garage door can often help you to prevent damage and keep your garage door in superior condition. When you provide the appropriate garage door maintenance, you will be able to identify damage in the earlier stages, when it will be easier to repair. Our experts at Advanced Door can help to ensure that your garage doors stay in good shape.

Lubricate Moving Parts

garage door maintenanceGarage door maintenance requires you to lubricate moving parts of the garage door. This helps to minimize friction, as well as ensure that each of the parts is able to move easily. Proper lubrication can help to minimize annoying sounds or other problems with the garage door, as well.

Check on Hardware

Your garage door moves up and down regularly, often multiple times a day. Due to this, it is no surprise that the hardware can become loose over time. It is important to check on the hardware of your garage door to ensure that it is tight and remaining in its designated location.

Test the Balance

It is essential to ensure that you frequently test the balance of your garage door. When your garage door is unbalanced, various components of the garage door will be exposed to excessive amounts of wear. This can lead to a serious amount of damage to your garage doors.

Test Safety Features

Your garage door has specific safety features in order to prevent injuries and damage to your property. It is important to ensure that these safety features are operating as they are supposed to. Check on the auto-reverse function of your garage door to ensure that your garage will reverse if something is in its path. It will also be useful to check on the sensors of your garage door to ensure that they can sense if something is blocking them.

Inspect for Damage

Visible damage is a sure sign that your garage door requires repairs. In order to keep your garage door in good condition, it is important to regularly inspect the garage door for signs of damage. Pay attention to the surface of the garage door, as well as the mechanisms that allow the garage door to operate.

Clean Regularly

When grime builds up on your garage door, it can easily lead to damage. Due to this, it is important to clean your garage door regularly. This will help you to prevent grime build up from leading to garage door damage. With regular cleaning, you will also be able to identify damage that may impact other areas of your property.

These steps are important maintenance that can help you to minimize issues with your garage door. This is essential, because garage door damage can lead to serious problems. It can prevent you from getting your car out of the garage and can even potentially result in injuries or property damage. Contact us at Advanced Door for more information about important garage door maintenance to keep your garage door in the best shape.