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Garage Door Maintenance

Advanced Door Ogden UT Garage Door

Maintaining your garage door can help prevent damage and keep it in superior condition. Proper maintenance allows you to identify issues in their early stages when they are easier to repair. Our experts at Advanced Door can ensure that your garage doors remain in top-notch shape.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Garage Door Ogden UT Advanced Door

Regular garage door maintenance involves lubricating its moving parts. This minimizes friction and ensures that each component can move smoothly. Adequate lubrication also helps reduce annoying noises and other potential problems.

Check on Hardware

Since your garage door moves up and down frequently, it’s natural for the hardware to loosen over time. Regularly checking the hardware ensures it remains secure and in its designated position.

Test the Balance

Frequently testing your garage door’s balance is crucial. An unbalanced door can subject various components to excessive wear, potentially leading to significant damage.

Test Safety Features

Your garage door is equipped with safety features designed to prevent injuries and property damage. It’s essential to verify that these safety features are functioning as intended. Check the auto-reverse function to ensure the door reverses if something obstructs its path. Additionally, test the sensors to confirm they can detect obstacles.

Inspect for Damage

Visible damage is a clear indicator that your garage door requires repairs. Regularly inspect the surface and mechanisms of the garage door to identify any signs of damage.

Clean Regularly

Accumulated grime on your garage door can lead to damage. Cleaning it regularly helps prevent grime buildup that may cause harm. Additionally, regular cleaning allows you to spot any damage that could affect other areas of your property.

These maintenance steps are crucial for minimizing issues with your garage door. This is particularly important because garage door damage can lead to significant problems, including difficulty in accessing your car and potential injuries or property damage. For more information about important garage door maintenance to keep your garage door in optimal shape, contact us at Advanced Door.

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