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Broken Springs

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Are your garage door springs broken or not functioning correctly? Call Advanced Door now to get your garage door up and running again: (888) 377-3667

Next to garage door panels, springs are the most important part of a garage door. Springs are responsible for balancing the garage door, making it possible to lift the garage door easily. Well balanced springs also extend the life of garage door openers. Garage door openers are designed to lift the difference of the weight of a balanced door and will wear out easily if the springs are not properly maintained. If your springs are broken, it is very important to not run the opener and to have the springs replaced immediately by a qualified technician.

One of the downsides to springs is that they are designed to go up and down a certain amount of times. Usually, that is about 10,000 times, or around 5 – 7 years depending on how often the door is used. If the garage is a double car garage, and only one spring is broken, it is a good idea to replace both springs. Because if one is broken, it means that the other spring is not far behind. By replacing both springs, it saves the home or business owner the cost of having to pay for labor on a second service call.

Advanced Door specializes in garage door spring repair and replacement. We believe there has to be a solution to springs breaking. We think that if you pay for springs, you shouldn’t have to pay for them again. If you call Advanced Door for your garage door spring repair and have both springs replaced on a double door, and/or the spring replaced on a single door, we will guarantee the springs for “Life” and that includes labor costs. You’ll end up replacing the door before you will ever have to pay to replace another spring.

Most people are not aware of the amount of tension these springs undergo, but it is a very dangerous job for someone who is not sure how to fix or replace them. Give us a call today and let us remove the frustration and worry of your garage door not working. Let our experts take care of your garage door spring repairs and replacements, and all of your garage door service needs.

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