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"We Sell Peace of Mind"

Garage Storage and Cleaning

Garage Storage Ogden Utah Advanced Door

Garages are a great area for storage but it can be quite overwhelming to organize all of your belongings while keeping enough room for your cars. It’s easy for your garage to become cluttered with bikes, tools, holiday decorations, and lawn equipment. With a few easy organization tricks, your garage will be clutter free.

Cleaning the Garage

Before you begin to organize and store your items, consider going through everything and dispose of junk or anything you don’t need anymore. Check with the city sanitation department or commercial trash Collection Company to find out how to dispose of motor oil, solvents, and garden chemicals.

Garage Storage Systems

Regain your garage without compromising floor or wall space with a storage system that can turn celling space into storage area. Simply hang the platform from your ceiling and place up to 250 pounds of storage. If you like to ride bikes and not little room for them, consider installing a bike rack to hold as many as three bikes. Other items such as brooms, shovels, and other tools can be hung up on the wall and out of the way.


At Advanced Door, we long to take care of our customers and provide a wide variety of garage doors in Ogden, Utah. For more information on garage storing and cleaning, contact our specialists today at (801) 430-9021!

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