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How Much is a New Garage Door Spring?

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Is your garage squealing as it opens and closes? Have you heard a loud clank when it opens and closes? Did your garage door stop opening? The garage door spring is one of the least-maintained elements of a garage door. Many homeowners don’t think about it much….until it breaks. Advanced Door is here to help you with garage door spring replacement in Northern Utah. Here are some common questions, and answers that may help you as you research garage door spring replacement.

What is the cost to replace a garage door spring?

It is difficult to say the exact cost of a new garage door spring until we can see the spring and door itself. A garage door could be aluminum, which is lighter and doesn’t require as large of a spring compared to a wooden garage door. We have seen garage door spring costs vary from around $200 and up. Roll-up garage doors need to be repaired differently from the way a tilt-up broken garage door spring is repaired. We recommend contacting our office at 888.377.3667 to schedule a time to have your garage door spring examined. We will happily provide you with an estimate, or same-day service to get your garage door back up and running.

Why is my garage door squealing?

A garage door can squeal when it opens and closes, which normally shows that the door needs some maintenance.  We do provide a lubrication service, which will help to clean the rollers and allow the door to open and close correctly. However, some garage door rollers may be worn out and need to be replaced. The balancing of springs could also be the culprit that is leading to concerns.

My garage door is slamming shut, what does that mean?

If the garage door is slamming when you close it, that indicates you need to hire a professional! The spring is likely starting to wear out and has issues. The type of pulley system being used for a garage door can help us determine if there is a problem with the door and parts that need to be replaced.

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