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How to Protect Your Garage in Winter

garage door opener services ogden 495x495Now that the cold weather is upon us, it is time to start working on winterizing your home. A warm, well-insulated garage will help to reduce your heating expenses, and can prevent your pipes from freezing. Spend some time working on winterizing before the snow hits as it will prevent you from dealing with the expensive costs later.

If a garage is too cold, it can damage your vehicle and other equipment you store in the garage. Water is one of the major concerns as it will freeze, even if it is in an insulated pipe. Fuel gels can freeze inside combustion engines and paint can be ruined if it is stored in a cold garage. Winterizing a garage is the best way to salvage all of your expensive items.

Replacing Weatherstripping

One place to start with is your weatherstripping. The weatherstripping creates a seal between the garage door and the garage door opening. Weatherstripping starts to wear down and crack over the years, allowing cold air to get inside the garage. The cold air will start to create cold drafts in the garage, dropping temperatures dramatically. If you feel air is seeping into the garage, replace the weatherstripping by scraping off the old weatherstripping and remaining sealant. A scraper or putty knife will help to remove the excess sealant left on the garage. Try to get the surface as clean as possible as it will be much easier to install new sealant on a clean, dry surface. Once the old weatherstripping is removed, you can work on placing the new weatherstripping on the door. Measure before you start the application process as you want to make sure you don’t have too much rubber sticking to the sides where it can interfere with the track. Close the garage door and align the weatherstripping so the rubber flap flattens slightly against the door. A good seal makes for easier operation of the garage door.

Insulate the Garage Walls

To prevent expensive heating costs, insulate your garage walls. Fiberglass batt insulation is inexpensive to come by and is fairly easy to add to the walls of a garage. You want to be sure you have the right thickness for your garage to give you plenty of insulation. Failure to secure the batt insulation or forgetting to support it to the wall can lead to problems. For insulation to work appropriately, it needs to have a snug fit.

Repair a Garage Door

If you are dealing with a broken or old garage door, consider repairing a garage door. Advanced Door can replace or repair your old garage door. We can replace broken panels or secure a garage door that is missing bolts on the door panels. Replacing the door with a modern, insulated door is the best option for many homeowners.

Heat the Garage

A great way to keep the garage warmer is to install a heater unit after you complete the insulation. Heaters will help to protect your garage from the cold winter weather and protect your vehicle from freezing. It is important to be careful in the operation of the heater as it could lead to serious injuries or potential house fires if they are improperly handled. Electric models are easy to maintain, but will cost more on your electric bill.

When it comes to keeping your home properly heated, do not forget about your garage! Contact Advanced Door today for more information about garage door repair and replacement in Utah, 888-377-3667.

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