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"We Sell Peace of Mind"
"We Sell Peace of Mind"

Promoting Ease of Access and Security with Garage Door Keyless Entry

When you have multiple people who access a garage, having a keyless entry is convenient, easy, and safe for your family and your valuables. Instead of keeping your door unlocked or giving the members of your household keys that they might lose, they will be able to open the garage door with the simple entry of the garage door code that you can choose.

At Advanced Door, we offer keyless entries for garage doors to give you peace of mind and to keep the members of your family from ever getting locked out of the home.

Keyless Entries for Garage Doors Add Security

When you put a keyless entry on your garage door, it’s easy for the members of your household to gain access to the garage and close it quickly so your family and your valuables are protected. This method is especially convenient when you have children, as they can just type in the code to get into the garage instead of having to carry around a garage door opener.

Additionally, by making the garage door accessible by code, you prevent opportunities for your valuables to be stolen from your garage or from your home.

Installing Keyless Entry for Your Garage Door

When you go through Advanced Door, we can order in the right parts and install the keyless entry without hassle. Whether you are purchasing a new garage door and want keyless entry included or just want keyless entry for the garage door you already have, Advanced Door’s qualified specialists will be able to install it quickly and make sure that you can get back to your daily activities quickly.

Regardless of the brand of garage door you have, we can find the right keyless entry for you. Call Advanced Door today at (801)-430-9021 to get more information!

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