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"We Sell Peace of Mind"

Spring Has Sprung, Keep Your Kids Safe Around the Garage!

Spring is here! Warmer weather often means more time playing outside, and for many kids, that includes exploring the driveway and – you guessed it – the garage. While it’s wonderful to see them enjoying the outdoors, garages can also pose safety hazards. At Advanced Door, safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to protecting children. Here are some springtime safety tips to keep your kids safe around the garage:

The Garage Door Itself:

  • Never let children play near a moving garage door. The powerful springs and automatic openers can cause serious injury.
  • Teach children not to touch the remote control or the buttons on the wall unit.
  • Instruct them to stay away from the opening and closing path of the door.
  • Keep the emergency release cord out of reach of children. This cord is for authorized adults in case of power outages, not for playtime.

The Treasures Inside:

  • Garages often house tools, chemicals, and other potentially dangerous items. Keep these items locked up in cabinets or on high shelves, out of reach of curious hands.
  • Garage chemicals, like antifreeze, paint thinners, and weed killers, can be poisonous if ingested. Store them in a secure location with proper labeling.
  • Power tools and sharp objects should always be unplugged and stored away safely after use.

Open the Door to Safety:

  • Install automatic garage door openers with safety sensors. These sensors prevent the door from closing on an obstruction, including a child or pet.
  • Test your garage door opener’s safety sensors regularly. Most models have a built-in test button. If the sensors aren’t working properly, contact a qualified technician from Advanced Door for repairs.
  • Consider a “soft touch” feature on your garage door opener. This feature stops the door if it meets resistance while closing, preventing injury.
  • Lead by example! Always practice safe behavior around the garage door yourself, and your children are more likely to follow suit.

Advanced Door: Your Partner in Garage Door Safety

At Advanced Door, we’re committed to keeping your family safe. We offer a variety of safety features for your garage door, including automatic openers with safety sensors and “soft touch” functionality. Our technicians can also inspect your existing garage door system and recommend safety improvements.

Spring is a time for fun and exploration, but safety should always come first. By following these tips and partnering with Advanced Door, you can create a safe and secure environment for your children while enjoying the beautiful springtime weather.

Contact Advanced Door today for a free consultation on garage door safety features and keep your little ones safe all year round!

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