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How to Manage Garage Door Repair

What happens when your garage door suddenly stops working? Garage door repair can cost you upwards of $450. Dealing with an untimely repair can be financially devastating for some people. This is why you need to call Advanced Door as they provide a number of services with fair pricing. Here are a few tips to follow to troubleshoot your garage door.

An image of a man trying to repair his garage door opener.


Remove Obstacles

If your garage door keeps going up and won’t close, look to see if there are obstacles in the way. Even something as small as a twig will cause a door to open if it is obstructing the sensor. Try cleaning the sensor as dust and debris can cause problems for the laser.


Lubricate Rollers

One thing that garage doors can do is make a loud squeaky sound. If you notice the door seems to make a high-pitched noise, the rollers can be dirty. Try cleaning the rollers by lubricating them. If this doesn’t work, change the rollers. New rollers will be quieter, reducing the annoying squeaky noise.


Tighten Loose Components

Older garage doors can have issues with the alignment. You need to tighten the loose components to keep the door working correctly. The warning sign of problems with the nuts is a loud noise. It can cause the door to come off its track, which can cause a major injury if you aren’t careful.


Adjust the springs

Years of opening and closing can cause the springs to become loose. You need to make simple adjustments to the springs that will allow them to work correctly. Usually the door will not close or open completely if the springs are having issues.


Garage Door Service

If the garage door is making a loud banging noise, or the operator is loud when it opens, call a professional. The door could have a broken piece that needs to be replaced. Large dents in the door are the warning sign that you need to replace a section of the door. Aluminum garage doors are easy to bend, which can cause the door to shift off the track.

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