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Selecting the Right Garage Door Openers


Most homeowners do not realize how much they rely on garage door openers in Utah, until they quit working. The convenience of opening your garage from your vehicle or another remote location is something that many people take for granted. If your door opener has recently broken, there are a few different models you can select to replace it. For an older garage, you may have a difficult time finding an opener that will match that particular style. You may need to consider replacing the entire garage door operator with a modern style.

Choosing a BrandGarage Door Opener Ogden Utah

When you make the decision to replace the door operator and door opener, it helps to consult with a professional. They will show you a number of different selections. Purchasing through a professional will also reduce problems with the installation and programming of the new garage door opener. This process can be time consuming, and if you do not install it correctly it can lead to problems with the chain and opening your garage door. Many people tend to shop based on brand names. This is something to consider, but you also need to check on the ratings of the particular model you want to purchase. Again, a professional installer will be able to tell you about the pros and cons of various brands and models. There are certain aspects to a door opener that you must be aware of to prevent problems.


One area that you must consider is the amount of horsepower your door will need. The type of garage door you may own could be made from heavy materials, which are difficult for smaller operators to lift. The horsepower is something to consider, as is the speed of the door. If you want your door to open quickly, select models that start with at least 1 horsepower or more. These models are the best for heavy doors and will give out the maximum amount of power possible.


Do you need a garage door opener for a belt drive, chain drive, or screw drive? Since there are different style and model types, it is a good idea to speak to a professional. They can tell you which model you currently own, and which is the best for your particular garage door. If you want your garage door to be quiet, your best selection will be the belt drive. These models work well in homes where bedrooms may be above the garage door. The chain drive and screw drive models tend to work better on heavier doors, or doors that are one-piece units.


Most of the new models for garage doors will include standard safety precautions. Laser beams are installed at the bottom of the garage to detect motion or to push the door open if something is blocking the way. The door will automatically open and a light will flash, indicating that there is a concern. Something else you may want to look at is the light the garage door operator will include. Newer models have LED bulbs, which are brighter, giving you proper illumination in the garage in late evening when it is darker. Other safety measures include keyless entry pads. These pads are great if you have children coming home from school, and they need to get into the home when you are not there. They can simply input a code and the garage door will open. There are even advanced models that include a fingerprint entry method, which is great if you are concerned about security. Most garage operators will include two standard door openers. If you need multiple openers, you can order them directly through the door installer, or through the manufacturer.



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