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How to Keep Your Garage Cool and Your Belongings Safe This Summer

Summer brings sunshine, barbecues, and hopefully, some quality time spent tinkering in the garage. But before you fire up the grill, take a moment to consider how the scorching summer sun can impact your beloved garage. Here at Advanced Door, we understand the importance of keeping your garage – and everything inside – safe and cool during the hottest months. Here are some essential steps to summerproof your garage:

Battling the Blazing Heat:

  1. Embrace Insulation: An insulated garage door makes a world of difference. It acts as a barrier, preventing the scorching summer heat from radiating into your garage and turning it into an oven. This not only protects your car and belongings from extreme temperatures but also improves energy efficiency by reducing the strain on your air conditioning system.
  2. Seal the Gaps: Just like winter, summer calls for a close inspection of your garage door for any gaps around the edges and where it meets the frame. These gaps allow not only hot air but also dust, insects, and even small critters to enter your garage. Utilize weatherstripping designed specifically for garage doors to create a tight seal and improve overall climate control.
  3. Consider Ventilation: If your garage lacks proper ventilation, the hot air can become trapped, further increasing the temperature. Installing vents near the top of your garage allows for hot air to escape and cooler air to circulate. Strategically placed fans can also be an effective way to improve air circulation.
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Protecting Your Valuables:

  1. Beware the Sun’s Fury: Direct sunlight can damage certain items in your garage, such as furniture, tools, and stored boxes. Invest in curtains or blinds specifically designed for garage doors to filter out sunlight and protect your belongings from fading or warping.
  2. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations: Summer can bring not only scorching days but also surprisingly cool nights. Rapid temperature fluctuations can cause condensation on stored items, potentially damaging electronics, tools, or musical instruments. Consider storing sensitive items in airtight containers or on elevated shelving to minimize contact with cooler surfaces.

Maintaining Peak Performance:

  1. Lubricate it Up: Regular lubrication of all moving parts in your garage door system is crucial, regardless of the season. Schedule a professional tune-up before the summer heat sets in. This ensures smooth operation and prevents potential issues when you need your garage door the most.
  2. Safety First: Extreme heat can affect the performance of your garage door opener. Test your opener functionality regularly and ensure the safety sensors are aligned and working correctly.
  3. Battery Backup Option: Consider a battery backup system for your garage door opener. This ensures continued access in case of power outages during summer storms.

By taking these steps, you can transform your garage into a summer sanctuary for your car, belongings, and even yourself (if you’re using it as a workspace). Remember, a well-maintained garage door not only protects your valuables but also ensures smooth operation throughout the hot summer months.

Contact Advanced Door today! Our team of experts can help you summerproof your garage with proper insulation, ventilation solutions, and ensure your garage door system is ready to handle the summer heat.

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