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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open All The Way?

garage door alignmentYou come home, pull into the driveway, smash the button to open the garage door… and it stops part way. Such a frustration! Why is it doing that? What could be the problem? Here are five issues why your garage may not be opening all the way.

Garage Door Track Alignment is Off

This means that it begins to open up, but once it begins it stops since the track won\’92t allow it to progress. The track off alignment could mean that it the metal track has a blockage, has a bend or from wear and tear from use it could have caused the misalignment. If the track is the issue the rollers won’t be able to move along the track to open and close.

Wear and Tear on Parts

Just like anything mechanical a garage door can stop working properly because of worn parts from basic usage. Things like the rollers, the tracks, springs, cables or even the motor will eventually wear from use. With the weight of the garage door once these parts are worn it is difficult and dangerous for the door to be used.

Obstacles that are Obstructing the Path

The garage door could be stopped from opening from debris that could be near the sensors, on the tracks or along the path of the garage door.  Check the path of the garage door and look for anything that could be blocking its path.  Accumulation of dirt, grime, leaves can lead to issues with items blocking the sensors.

The Garage Door is Off Balanced

The garage door could be not opening all the way due to the door becoming off balanced.  The cables and springs that works together to be able to lift the heavy door with ease can do so if balanced. When the balance is off, the ability to lift the door will be effected.

Check the Battery

If your garage door isn’t opening at all, or slightly opens and stops, it could be due to the fact that the batteries in the keyless entry pad or in the car remote are wearing down.

If your garage door is still not functioning as it should, it is best to call us today to come look at the door. If the door is malfunctioning a lot, do not use the door until it is properly repaired. Contact us today to find out how we can help and get your garage door working properly.