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Tips for Keeping your Garage Organized

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Your garage is intended to protect your vehicle, but it tends to accumulate all the household clutter. This can prevent you from even fitting your vehicle inside! Keeping your garage organized can help ensure it remains a comfortable, functional space. It’s also crucial to maintain the garage door’s condition to preserve its functionality. Our team at Advanced Door can assist you in doing so. Here are a few tips for keeping your garage organized:

1. Organize Lawn Equipment

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It’s likely that you have a collection of lawn-related equipment in your garage. After all, you probably don’t want to bring dirt-covered tools into your home! These tools can become disorganized, especially when left leaning against various walls. Consider organizing your lawn equipment by hanging it on a pegboard panel in the garage. This will prevent clutter and keep the equipment easily accessible and organized.

2. Vertical Bin Storage

Utilizing vertical bin storage can maximize your use of space. By making use of the wall space in your garage, you’ll be able to more effectively organize your belongings. When implementing this storage system, be sure to label each container for easy access. Also, organize items by their frequency of use to make it easier to find what you need.

3. Hanging Bike Storage

Hanging bike storage can further save space in your garage. However, consider using wall-mounted bike storage rather than ceiling-mounted options. Storing your bikes near the ceiling can make them difficult to access when needed. Wall-mounted storage allows for more convenient access while keeping them out of the way.

4. Ensure you Take Enough Time

It’s crucial to block out enough time for thorough garage organization. This task typically takes more than just a few hours. Consider dedicating an entire day or even a weekend to ensure a comprehensive process. This will enable you to clean out all your belongings, organize them, and return them to their new designated locations.

5. Organize Belongings into 3 Piles

Decluttering is a vital part of keeping your garage organized. Gather all items in the garage and sort them into three separate piles. One pile should contain necessary items you intend to keep. Another pile should consist of items in good condition that you no longer need but can donate. Finally, discard items that you neither need nor are in good condition.

6. Be Prepared

To effectively organize your garage, gather all necessary supplies before you begin. Have enough trash bags for any belongings you intend to discard. Additionally, gather an assortment of cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean the garage while items are removed. Storage containers can also help you implement the ideal organization system you desire for your garage.

Maintaining an organized garage can be a challenging task, but it offers a wide range of benefits. Following these tips can help you keep your garage in order and ensure it functions as intended. Similarly, it’s important to care for your garage door to prevent damage and further protect your garage. For more information about garage door maintenance and the services we provide, contact us at Advanced Door today!

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