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"We Sell Peace of Mind"

Safety First! 7 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe Around The Garage Door

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Your garage door is likely the largest moving part of your home, and like any powerful tool, it demands respect for safe operation. At Advanced Door, safety is our top priority. Here are 7 essential garage door safety tips to keep your home and family protected:

1. Mind the Pinch Points:

Garage doors have hinges, springs, and rollers that can pinch fingers or cause serious injury. Never place your hands or fingers near these areas while the door is moving. Teach children about these dangers and supervise them around the garage door.

2. Know Your Sensors:

Modern garage doors have safety sensors located near the base of the opening. These sensors prevent the door from closing on an obstruction. Test your sensors regularly by placing an object in the path of the closing door. The door should automatically reverse when it disrupts the sensor beam. If your sensors aren’t working properly, contact a qualified technician from Advanced Door for repair or replacement.

3. Avoid Risky DIY Repairs:

Garage door springs and opener mechanisms are under high tension and can be dangerous if not handled properly. Attempting DIY repairs on these components can lead to serious injury. For any repairs or maintenance needs, trust the experienced technicians at Advanced Door. We offer fast, reliable service to get your garage door functioning safely and smoothly again.

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4. Secure Your Remote:

Garage door openers are convenient, but a lost or stolen remote can compromise your home’s security. Keep your remote in a safe place and avoid leaving it in your car. Consider programming a keypad entry system for added security.

5. Invest in Regular Maintenance:

Just like any other mechanical system, your garage door benefits from regular maintenance. Schedule a professional tune-up from Advanced Door at least once a year. Our technicians will lubricate moving parts, inspect for wear and tear, and ensure your door operates safely and efficiently.

6. Keep an Eye on the Door:

Never walk or stand under a moving garage door. Always wait until the door is fully open or closed before proceeding. Teach children about this important safety rule.

7. Choose the Right Door Opener:

Not all garage door openers are created equal. When replacing your opener, choose a model with built-in safety features like automatic reversing and automatic shutoff. Advanced Door offers a wide selection of high-quality garage door openers from trusted manufacturers. Our team can help you select the perfect opener for your needs and budget.

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Peace of Mind with Advanced Door:

By following these safety tips and scheduling regular maintenance from Advanced Door, you can ensure your garage door operates safely and reliably for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment or discuss your garage door needs.

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