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Rolling Steel Door

Amarr ® Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Advanced Door offers comprehensive rolling steel garage door options for commercial use. You can order your rolling commercial garage door in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. Our rolling steel options are durable, energy efficient, and meet the functional needs of your facility. Rolling steel garage door options include a variety of colors, sizes, and functions that can be customized to meet the needs of your commercial space. The rolling steel garage doors from Advanced Door provide you with additional security, functionality, accessibility, and energy efficiency. We offer free estimates to help you choose the best rolling commercial door for your business.

Advanced Door Ogden UT Commercial Garage Door Installation

Rolling Steel Garage Door Applications

Amarr ® 4000 Series

Rolling Service Door

The standard of the industry, the Amarr 4000 Series provides excellent security, years of worry-free operation and abrasion-resistant paint

  • Oil tempered torsion springs designed for 50,000 life cycles.
  • Cast iron stops.
  • 1/4″ thick (minimum) steel plate brackets.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron gears.
  • Structural angle guides and bottom bar.
  • Chain keeper.
  • Optional cylinder locks.

Amarr ® 4100 Series

Insulated Rolling Service Doors

In applications where climate control is a must, the Amarr 4100 Series provides the protection you need with energy efficient 6.29 R-value polyurethane insulation or 4.60 R-value polystyrene insulation.

  • Heavy-duty vinyl extrusions snap into the guides to reduce air and dust infiltration and to weatherstrip the door jambs.
  • A water-resistant hood baffle remains flexible in cold weather and helps reduce air infiltration around the hood.
  • Insulated, interlocking slats provide energy efficiency and a clean appearance inside and out.
  • Solid insulation is inserted between galvanized steel slats to ensure consistent density and complete insulating coverage.
  • The bottom of the door is sealed by a flexible, solid foam astragal.
  • Heavy duty cast iron gears.
  • Optional cylinder locks.
  • Cast iron stops.
  • Structural angle guides and bottom bar

Amarr ® 4300 Series

Rolling Grilles

For a clean look, maximum visibility and outstanding security, the Amarr 4300 Series rolling grilles have strong, solid aluminum rods and are built to stand up to extensive use.

  • Oil tempered torsion springs designed for 50,000 life cycles.
  • Solid aluminum 5/16″ rods.
  • Durable links (standard 1/8″ thick, or heavy-duty 3/16″ thick).
  • Cylinder locks concealed in the bottom bar.
  • Choice of two grille types:
  • -Standard up to 30′ wide
  • -Heavy-duty up to 30′ wide
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum guides and bottom bar.

Amarr ® 4400 Series

Rolling Counter Doors

Designed specifically for countertop security, the Amarr 4400 Series creates an outstanding first impression with clean lines and professional appearance.

  • Clear anodized extruded aluminum, prefinished steel or #4 brushed stainless steel curtain.
  • Tubular extruded aluminum bottom bar with thumbturn locks and finger lifts.
  • Box shaped guides for neat, clean appearance.
  • Hood matches curtain material in type and color.
  • Operation may be push up, awning crank, tubular motor, or wall mount motor. Awning crank or motor operation required over 9’4″ wide.
  • Well balanced, maintenance free, spring design.
  • 10″ bracket size Oil tempered torsion springs designed for 20,000 life cycles.

Amarr ® 4500 Series

Rolling Counter Fire Doors

The Amarr 4500 Series counter fire door offers all the aesthetic features of the Amarr 4400, with the fire-protection of the full size Amarr 4200 to protect your elevated openings in a fire wall.

  • Available in conventional fusible link, or advanced fire door systems.
  • Prefinished steel or #4 brushed stainless steel curtain.
  • Designed for counters, windows, conveyers and other elevated openings in fire walls.
  • Available with 1-1/2 hour and 3 hour ratings.
  • Conventional systems can be reset from side of opening reducing testing costs.
  • Advanced systems do not require mechanical resetting.
  • Box shaped guides provide a clean, professional appearance.
  • Operation may be push up, crank, chain hoist or failsafe motor operation.
  • Optional fail-safe release devices.
  • Optional warning strobes, smoke detectors, voice/alarm annunciators.

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