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How Do I Align the Sensors on My Garage Door?

The sensors on the bottom of your garage door are important. They prevent your family, pets, or valuables from being hurt or damaged by your heavy garage door. However, the sensors can’t do their job correctly if they are misaligned. So, if you have just purchased new sensors or need to realign the ones you have, we will give you the instructions you need.

Leaving garage door sensors misaligned or damaged can be really dangerous. It can also prevent your garage doors from closing at all. The way the sensors work is by emitting a beam that is received by the other sensor. If the beam is not received, the garage door won’t close. When your sensors are misaligned, it can be a significant inconvenience and a safety issue for you and your family.

Aligning Your Garage Door Sensors

To tell if the sensors are misaligned, pay attention to what your garage door is doing. If it starts to close but goes right back up again, the sensors are probably misaligned. The light on your garage door might blink three times afterward, which is another way that you can tell the sensors need to be adjusted. You can also check the LED lights on each of the garage door sensors.

Making sure that the sensors are in the right place is relatively easy. On most brands of garage door sensors, the LED light on each sensor will not light up unless the sensors are aligned. To realign them, adjust the sensor that seems misaligned and wait for the LED lights to light up.

If the lights on the sensors are lit, it probably means that there is another reason that your garage door isn’t closing.

The Finishing Touches on Aligning the Sensors

Make sure that the sensors are tightened before you finish aligning your sensors. That way, you can decrease the chances that they will fall out of place again.

If you’re having difficulties aligning your sensors or have other questions about garage doors, call Advanced Door at (801)-430-9021!

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