Broken Garage Door Opener?

Advanced Door offers complete broken openers Ogden repair and service for all homeowners. When you notice a problem with your garage door opener it is important to call for repair immediately. If you let your broken opener go unrepaired it could cause more extensive damage to the opener. We can often repair the part of your broken opener Ogden that is broken without the need to replace the entire opener.

Your garage door opener has many moving parts which increases the possibility for something to go wrong. Any small part of your garage opener can create serious problems for your garage door. Advanced Door can quickly repair your broken openers Ogden and get your garage door working again.

The electric eyes at the bottom of the garage door are easily knocked out of place which will prevent your garage door from opening and closing correctly. These electric eyes can be easily realigned with a simple adjustment. If you notice the opener lights blinking after the garage door has trouble closing, the electric eyes may be out of alignment.