Can I Change My Own Garage Door Springs?

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If your garage door refuses to lift, it’s not just frustrating, but also a safety issue. Your garage door springs are an essential part of your garage door system. They keep it operating safely, and help provide safety of your things through helping lift your garage door. Broken garage door springs can result in severe injury or death, which is why you must replace them as soon as possible. 

You may be tempted to attempt to replace your broken garage door springs yourself. After all, replacement parts are sold in hardware stores – this must mean it’s something that is safe and doable for anyone, right? And isn’t it so much cheaper to do it yourself? Why bother hiring a professional to change your garage door springs?

While you technically can replace your own garage door springs, you really shouldn’t. There are a multitude of reasons why DIY garage door spring replacement is not just difficult, but also outright dangerous and potentially fatal. 

Why Shouldn’t You Replace Your Own Garage Door Springs?

There are several reasons why this is not a DIY job, but one that requires a professional.Garage Door Springs Repair Advanced Door Ogden UT

Risk Of Injury And Death

Garage doors are very heavy. As such, your garage door springs carry a lot of tension. This is why you need to get your garage door springs replaced as soon as you notice they’re breaking. It’s also a massive risk for attempting to fix them yourself. If a spring breaks or is not replaced correctly, the entire weight of the garage door can fall down. This can lead to serious injuries and even death from the garage door falling down on someone. 

You Have To Know How Garages Work

To replace a garage door spring requires more than just a replacement spring. You also need to both know how the entire garage door system works and have experience with handling it. This includes knowing all the parts that help lift your garage door, which includes brackets, lifting cables, and drums, in addition to the springs. Instead of fixing the problem, you could end up making it worse and needing to hire a professional anyway. 

Plus, to go along with the previous point, a shoddy repair job can result in injury or death. If the spring isn’t replaced correctly, it can break much easier and fast. It can come down abrupt and hard on someone – a terrible consequence no one should risk.

You Have To Have The Correct Equipment

Garage door spring repairs can’t be done with your everyday toolbox. They require specialized, professional equipment. These can be expensive, leading you to spend more than if you’d hired a professional who already owns and knows how to use them. If you try to fix your garage door without the right tools, you may find yourself unable to. It can be extremely difficult and time consuming to try to do a job yourself that a professional could get quickly and effectively.

Voids Your Warranty

In addition to the dangers and challenges of attempting to replace your own garage door springs, doing it yourself instead of hiring a professional voids any warranty you have on them. This is because warranties that cover any damages or necessary repairs or replacements on your garage doors don’t cover any modifications you make to the garage door system. To try to do it yourself is to risk losing your warranty and putting you in a bad situation for if you end up needing other repairs that you can’t “do yourself”. 

What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Springs Break?

Call a professional! A garage door expert will know how your garage works, have the right equipment, and get the job done quickly and safely. When you have a professional come out to fix your garage door, you won’t lose your warranty. In addition, an expertly done job will extend the life of your garage door for years to come, because they use high quality springs and specialized knowledge and experience. 

It’s recommended that you have your garage door springs replaced every 5-7 years, or 10,000 lifts. Bear this in mind when considering when they should be replaced or if you may be due to call a professional to come out and look at them.


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