3 Common Types Of Commercial Garage Doors

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Choosing the right commercial garage door for your business can be difficult, given how many different types there are and all the different needs different types of commercial garage doors can meet. Commercial garage doors have different requirements than residential garage doors. They can be open and closed over 50 times in one day, a workload that a residential garage door wouldn’t be able to withstand. They also need to be much bigger, more durable, and more secure. Depending on the type of door you choose, some will be more one thing than the other.

Every kind of commercial garage door has its own benefits and uses that they are better suited to. Some are better for warehouses while others are better for retail settings. Here’s what you need to know about three of the most common types of commercial doors available to you so you can choose the best one for your business.


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Sectional garage doors move along tracks and are made out of galvanized steel or aluminum panels. The panels are broken into sections which are held in place by hinges. The hinges make it so that the door can bend when it goes up and down. These are used both in residential and commercial settings. The steel is better suited to commercial properties that need a heavy-duty door, such as for a loading zone in a warehouse. The aluminum is better for commercial properties that see low amounts of traffic.

These garage doors are used for a wide variety of commercial properties, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Fire houses
  • Car washes
  • Service stations
  • Shipping docks
  • Industrial warehouses
  • And many, many more

This kind of garage door can be used for many different commercial properties. They offer internal insulation, which is great for both noise reduction and for thermal insulation. They’ll protect your property from the elements. While not as secure as other types of commercial garage doors, they’ll still provide your business with protection. 

Sectional doors also allow for a lot of versatility and creativity, given that they can have full-view glass options, ventilation panels, extra-heavy duty steel, and more.

Rolling Steel

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Rolling steel garage doors are great for commercial properties where you need some extra security, accessibility, and energy efficiency. They’re designed to fit many different kinds of business structures, from office buildings to warehouses. Rolling steel doors can be steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, depending on what your specific needs for your business are. These garage doors can be customized in many different ways, from the colors, to the sizes, to the function itself.

Some kinds of rolling steel garage doors are more heavy duty, providing you with excellent security, paint resistant to abrasion, and years of operation. Others provide better climate control with more insulation and water-resistance. Others give you a cleaner look and more visibility, which can be great if your garage doors are going to be somewhere customers can see them. Still others are more professional and clean in appearance, and others give both aesthetic appeal and a fire wall.

As you can see, rolling steel garage doors are suited for many different industries. Advanced Door can help you determine whether rolling steel doors are right for your business and what kind will best suit you and your needs.

Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors have thinner slats than other kinds of commercial garage doors since they roll up into a coil when you open them. This kind of garage door is great for commercial spaces where every bit of space counts, such as in an open warehouse. You don’t want your garage door to get in your employees’ way. If your space has space constraints, you may opt for this kind of garage door over the others, given that they are neater and take up less space.

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Roll up doors are very common in commercial properties. They’re made to be able to withstand a lot of use, and have top security. Indeed, many stores will use roll up doors to protect their goods from burglars. They’re made to be able to prevent the possibility of rust, corrosion, and freezing.

These doors offer exceptional weather protection and security, since they’re mounted to your business’s wall. They’re good for many different businesses, but are commonly seen in warehouses and distribution centers.

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Advanced Door offers top quality commercial garage doors to suit a wide range of industries. If you need help selecting a garage door for your commercial space, we can help. Contact us today for your free garage door estimate and let us help you pick the perfect door for your needs!