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Dangers of Garage Doors in Winter

The heavy winter snow in Utah can place a lot of strain on a garage door. How? The metal parts of a garage door can end up with unexpected problems ranging from screws that rust to springs that break. Ice can also lead to concerns with the garage door sealant sticking to the ground. How can you prevent your garage door from having unexpected problems in the winter?

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Winter Garage Door Inspection and Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your garage door maintained, it is important to spend some time looking at certain details that keep your door working. Regular inspection involves looking at all the parts that move the door. The rollers are one area that need to be inspected during the winter as salt, dirt, and snow can all take their toll on the door. Clean the rollers by using a roller spray (which can be purchased from Advanced Door).

We recommend inspecting the garage door every three months. You want to check on the garage door opener, batteries in your car garage door opener, and check on how the garage door opens and closes. If you hear loud noises when it opens or closes, or if it’s making squeaking noises, call Advanced Door for additional troubleshooting.

The Garage Door Spring

The garage door spring is something that needs to be cared for by professionals. If the spring snaps while working on it, it could lead to serious injuries. A broken spring that is holding the door can cause a door to come slamming down, potentially hurting someone.

Garage Door Cable Inspection

Another important area to look at with a garage door is the garage door cable. A broken cable can be challenging to repair, so it is a good idea to contact professionals to make this repair.

Keeping Your Garage Door Operating

To keep your garage door functioning properly all winter long, you want to do some basic maintenance. It is a good idea to clean snow away from the door, and use a broom to sweep up any dirt and debris from the door itself.

Use ice melt around the door to keep ice from sticking to the insulation of the door, causing it to stick when it is trying to open.


For a garage door to function correctly, it needs to have the right movement. Lubrication of the garage door rollers can prevent problems with the door opening. Check on the chain as well to ensure it is properly lubricated. If the door isn’t lubricated properly, you can end up with misalignment problems.

Checking for Rust

Garage doors have a lot of metal parts to keep them working. It is important to understand that metal does have issues with shrinking and contracting, which can place additional strain and stress on a door. Check your door for signs of rust. If you do spot rust on several areas, clean it with a wire brush until all the rust is removed. Call in professionals if you aren’t sure about this maintenance project.

Garage Door Rollers

An important element of your garage door are the rollers. We have spoken previously about keeping them lubricated, but they also need to be aligned correctly. The winter already places more strain on the door, so you need to check the rollers to see if they are not moving correctly. Advanced Door can replace the garage door rollers with updated ones that will aid in keeping your door quiet when it opens and closes.

Utah Garage Door Repair

Winter is cold, which makes it even more challenging to be able to work on garage door repairs. If you do notice problems with your garage door, call Advanced Door. We can perform a troubleshooting inspection to identify if your garage door does have issues, and if there are certain repairs that you need to prepare for in the future.

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