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DIY or Call the Professionals for Garage Door Repair

Advanced Door Ogden UT Garage Door

garage door UtahIf you are good about maintaining your garage door, it is important to use the right tools so you don’t end up having a problem that causes you to completely replace the door. Installing a panel garage door is easy for most homeowners. The project will require a number of tools to adequately install it. We love YouTube and Pinterest as much as the next person, but the honest truth is, working on a garage door is NOT easy. Our experts are trained in how to manage garage doors, and we focus on making sure they are installed and repaired safely and correctly. However, here are some tips and advice if you do want to make a few fixes to your garage door.

Power Drill and Screwdriver

The power drill is one of the essential items to use as it will provide you with the needed power to properly secure the screws into place. A power drill also helps with creating solid holes in the walls so you can install the rails into the garage walls. The screwdriver is another great option when working on a garage door. The screwdriver needs to have enough power to properly attach the hinges and rollers into place.

Spring Problems

When you are working on a garage door, one of the important things to consider is the spring. If there are problems with the spring, it can snap at any moment. This will end up causing a problem if you are not careful since a broken spring can land a homeowner seriously injured. The first sign of a problem with the spring is noticing a loud noise. Check the rollers and brackets to see that they are working correctly. If they aren’t, it indicates that you have a problem with the springs. Let the professionals handle this repair job since it can be dangerous. Consider changing your rollers to nylon rollers so you don’t end up hearing as much noise when the door opens and closes.

Door Balance

You need to purchase a level to make sure the garage door is level. If it is crooked, it can snap the doors when opening and closing. The level will allow you to make sure the rails are level on both sides so the door doesn’t fall off the hinge. One way to test your door balance is by using the emergency release cord and lifting the door halfway. If the door stays where it is, the door is just fine. If the door moves up or slams down, you have to look at the torsion spring to properly adjust it.

Angle Iron

The angle iron is another thing that you can use when you are installing a garage door, or a new opener. The mounting straps included with most of the doors on the market are not as good. Buy an angle iron because it gives the overall door stronger installation. This will help to limit problems with vibration and limits that noise when it’s opening and closing. Make sure you use some lock washers to keep the nuts and bolts from becoming loose as the door opens and closes over the years.

Give Advanced Door a call for all your garage door repair and installation needs.

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