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Does an Insulated Garage Door Save Money?

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Have you been looking for different ways to save money on your utilities? Many people consider insulating the garage door as it is a simple way to reduce your utility costs while also giving you some extra living space. However, a detached garage isn’t something to worry about insulating as the heat and cooled air isn’t going to get into this room through the ventilation system. Here are some reasons why its time to consider upgrading to an insulated garage door.

Extra Living Space

A garage can become an extra living space for your family. The garage is more than the place to park your cars, its commonly used to hold decorations, bicycles, tools, and more. Insulating the garage will keep the hot air inside during the winter and the cold air inside the garage during the summer. If you plan to insulate the garage, it allows this large space to become a functional living area. An attached garage should be insulated so it doesn’t cause cold air to seep into your home through the ceiling. Some people choose to insulate the walls and ceiling in the garage in addition to the door. This is a great way to reduce your energy costs and gives you a nice look and comfortable feel in the room.

Keep Plumbing Safer

When you insulate the garage, you help to protect your appliances and plumbing pipes. If the washer and dryer are in the garage, it needs to have insulation or you do run the risk of burst pipes. In Utah, we are prone to cold and hot weather and it will take its toll on your appliances. By taking the time to insulate the garage, you are able to limit the amount of cold and hot air that does get inside the home each time you open the door.

Protect Your Toys

Do you keep your bike and other outdoor toys in the garage? When you do not insulate the garage, you will end up having more humidity in the air, which will cause rust to occur. Rust to the bike chain, skis, and other outdoor toys will ruin them. A well-insulated garage keeps them safe!

Healthier Air

If you start and idle your car in the garage, you run the risk of increasing the amount of carbon monoxide in the home. Well-insulated garages will assist in stopping the carbon monoxide from seeping into the home.


Insulation to the garage will reduce noise in the home. Insulating the garage is similar to adding a sound barrier to the room. With insulation, the rest of the people in the home are less likely to hear the garage door when it opens and closes, which is nice if you have kid’s rooms directly above the garage door!

Curb Appeal

Boost the value in your home with a new insulated garage door. Gone are the days of the aluminum doors that are cheaply made and do not offer cost-savings! Contact Advanced Door to discuss our new insulated garage door options. We provide service all along the Wasatch Front from Logan to Salt Lake, we are your garage door experts, 888.277,3667!

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