FREE Lifetime Warranty

Advanced Door offers a “Lifetime Warranty” that includes LABOR! The best part is that our warranty is easy and simple to understand, plus there is no fine print! If anything goes wrong with the garage door or the garage door opener doesn’t go freely up and down, Advanced Door will come out and fix the issue or make the necessary replacements. This warranty really is that simple. If there are no obstructions around the door and the wall button is pressed, the warranty covers anything that involves the garage door going up and down freely. What does this mean for you? It means that the homeowner will never pay for springs, rollers, handles, hinges, panels, logic board, rail, belt/chain, motor, hockey arm, nose piece, gear, sprocket, and eyes.

At Advanced Door, we know that there is nothing worse than when your garage starts having issues. We want to provide you with a garage door that shouldn’t have any problems and if it ever does, its repair will be on our dime and not yours!

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