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Garage Door Repair Tips for Homeowners

Owning a garage allows you to keep your vehicle safe inside your garage. What happens when the garage door stops working properly? If you are unable to get your vehicle out of the garage it can become incredibly frustrating. Hiring garage door repair services can fix the problem for you in a timely matter. There are some other things homeowners can try on their own to fix the problem with their broken door.

Tip # 1: Stuck Door

If your garage door has a hard time opening or closing, it is probably having a problem with the metal track. Typical problems relate to grease build-up or even dirt that is causing the rollers to slip from the track. A simple cleaning could help with stuck door issues. However, it may be wise to hire professionals for cleaning and proper lubrication of the track and wheels.

Tip # 2: Track Defectsgarage door repairs Utah

Older garage doors often have track defects. Years of abuse on the garage door can lead to bending of the track. If you have ever bonked the track with a bicycle or other things, it can easily bend the track. This will cause a garage door to slip when it is moving. It can become completely dislodged from the track. If the dent is minor, homeowners will be able to repair it by using a rubber mallet. Simply hit the track where it is dented until it goes back to its normal shape. If the dent is worse, call a professional.

Tip # 3: Leveling Problems

A garage door that is improperly aligned will end up having shifting while it is opening. This is a leveling problem that needs to be correctly adjusted to prevent the garage door from slipping. In many situations, the leveling problem is related to loose screws in the track. Using a screwdriver to adjust any loose screws in the track. Use a level to check the alignment of the door as it opens and closes. If you feel that there is a large gap when it closes, contact a professional repair service. They will need to make adjustments to the tracks and possibly the springs that hold the door in the correct position.

Tip # 4: Damaged Hinges

If you have a garage door with a damaged hinge, it will cause the door to have abrupt movement as it tries to open and close. It can make a loud banging noise when opening and closing. This noise can easily lead to a loud popping or cracking noise, which indicates the hinge has broken. A damaged hinge must be professionally replaced.

Tip # 5: Tension Adjustments

Every garage door will need some routine adjustments throughout the years. The tension of the springs will need to be adjusted to make sure the door opens and closes correctly. It is always wise to contact a professional door company when dealing with garage door tension. If your door has a spring at its middle, contact the door repair service. They have the right tools to properly fix it. Many homeowners end up causing extensive damage to the tension springs by pulling out the cable over the door. The tension of the spring can be high, causing a serious injury without proper tools and repair knowledge.