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How to Choose The Right Garage Storage Systems

Garage Storage Ogden Utah Advanced Door

Garage storage systems are an ideal way to expand the usable space in your garage. Advanced Door provides overhead garage storage installation using secured corners and braces to correctly install the storage system in your garage. We install our systems to be strong so they won’t swing and sway as you are placing items on and off the racks. Plus, we provide multiple designs and styles to make it easier for you to find a system you like, and one that helps to create floor space. Here are some tips to help you figure out which type of garage storage system you need.

Clean out the Garage

Clean out the garage to help remove the clutter that you no longer need. According to organizing experts, about 30 percent of homeowners use the garage to store their cars. What this means is 70 percent of us have a lot of excess clutter in the garage. Take some time to truly clean out the garage and get rid of all the things you do not need. We recommend taking an entire day to remove everything from the garage, scrub the floors, and then start tossing out broken items and donating other things you no longer need.

Prioritize Items in the Garage

As you are selecting a garage storage system, you will need to lay out all of the items that you need to store. Placing items in sealed totes makes it easy to move them up and off the floor, and it protects the items inside from pests and the elements. Stackable clear bins make it easy to see the contents inside if you do not want to label the totes with the items inside. Larger items will need to go up high on hanging storage shelves while the smaller items could be hung on the wall if you install pegboard or track-based or panelized systems to store tools.

Overhead Space Garage Storage

Garage storage needs to be planned out correctly. Overhead space should provide enough room for large items like kayaks. When you plan out storage space correctly, it is easier to find the items you need and to prevent problems with the items getting caught in the garage door rollers and track system. It is important to make sure there is enough clearance for the items so they do not accidentally scrape the roof of your car. When we determine the best type of overhead garage storage shelves for your home, we will measure out the amount of space from the roof of the car to the ceiling and the bottom of the shelf.

Improper installation of hanging garage storage shelves can lead to damage to your car and the items inside. We have seen garage storage shelves sway and move during earthquakes, and all the items have fallen on the car below. We always secure our hanging shelves so they do not move and sway, causing items to fall off the shelf and damage the car.

Wall Storage in a Garage

Another common way to clean up the garage is by using wall storage. We previously mentioned wall storage and how its easy to use to hold tools and other items. Similar to ceiling storage, wall storage comes in a variety of styles and types. We recommend using HyLoft wall storage.  Unlike other mounted wall shelves, HyLoft wall storage provides up to 50% more storage room per shelf than other wall mounted shelves.

Tire Storage in a Garage

Advanced Door has tire storage solutions designed to securely hold all sizes and types of tires. The Tire Loft from HyLoft is secured to the wall studs to ensure it is strong, safe, and durable. Our tire storage solution can hold up to four large tires weighing in at 375lbs or less.

Contact Advanced Door today to schedule a consultation and let our experts show you how we can help organize your garage and free up space!

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