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Is My Garage Door Opener Broken?

Advanced Door Ogden Utah Garage Door Opener

A broken garage door opener can be an annoying, frustrating repair for homeowners. Fixing or replacing a broken garage door opener doesn’t need to be costly thanks to the experts at Advanced Door. We serve customers throughout the Wasatch Front, and we are here to help your garage work like new once again. Before you rip out your garage door opener and try to install a new one, we recommend trying these garage door opener troubleshooting tips.

Tip # 1 – Assess the Garage Door Problem

Is the garage door opener is not working, we recommend beginning the troubleshooting process  by checking the garage door itself. The type of door you have could be causing the opener to have problems. In several homes, we find the doors are simply too heavy for the type of garage door opener and the spring. For an aluminum door, look for damage in the form of dents that are causing the door to struggle to open and close correctly. We also recommend looking at the alignment of the door and the spring to see if there are serious signs of damage.

Advanced Door Pro Tip: Try opening the door manually. If the door is extremely difficult to open manually, the problem has something to do with the door, not the opener. 

Tip # 2 – Check the Door Opener

The garage door opener needs to be checked to see if there is a problem with the wiring. It is common to see a tripped circuit breaker in need of resetting. Look at the unit to see if the lights are on, unplug the garage door opener and wait 30 seconds before you plug it back in and try opening the garage door. In some situations, this simple reset works perfectly to help the garage door opener work effectively. If the reset doesn’t fix your garage door issue, call Advanced Door to install a new garage door opener as its likely yours needs to be replaced.

Tip # 3 – Install a New Garage Door Opener

Depending upon the repair work needed, there is a chance the repair is something as simple as a logic board malfunctions. Stripped nylon gears are another reason why there are problems with garage door openers. As new garage door openers hit the market, we often find it is just as cost-effective to replace an entire garage door opener than repair the logic board on an existing garage door opener. Prior to purchasing a new garage door opener, we recommend looking for the warranty on your existing garage door opener. If you do not have the warranty, look for a make and model number and contact the manufacturer to see if you have a warranty. In some cases, they will ship a new garage door opener based on the warranty coverage.

Replace a Garage Door Opener Pro Tip – Hire Professionals!

When it comes to electrical work on the home, it’s always best to hire a trained, certified, and trustworthy garage door repair company. Dealing with electrical wiring does take proper training and tools. We recommend letting the experts handle this project as we have come to many homes and fixed the garage door openers homeowners attempted to install themselves. Advanced Door’s friendly technicians will be able to replace the garage door opener quickly to help you get back to enjoying your home! Call our office to schedule an appointment, 888.377.3667!

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