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Should You Replace Your Garage Door Panels?

replace garage door panels
replace garage door panels

One of the most common inquiries garage door experts receive is whether it’s possible to replace individual garage door panels. While garage doors are robust, they aren’t impervious to damage, which can occur for various reasons. Incidents like heavy storms, accidental vehicle collisions, or even a child’s errant baseball can lead to panel damage.

When faced with damage limited to one or two panels, homeowners rightly wonder if it’s feasible to replace just those panels, or if an entire garage door replacement is necessary. Let’s delve into the circumstances under which replacing garage door panels is viable, what steps to take if replacement is needed, and when a complete garage door overhaul is more appropriate than panel replacement.

When Should You Replace Garage Door Panels?

The decision to replace garage door panels hinges on several factors, including the garage door’s age and the extent of the damage. Depending on your situation, opting for panel replacement might be the most cost-effective solution, whereas in other cases, a full garage door replacement is the better course of action. If ever in doubt, consulting a local garage door expert is advised.

How Old Is The Garage Door?

For relatively new garage doors, replacing the damaged panel is likely the optimal choice. However, if your garage door is approaching the end of its lifespan, replacing the entire door may be more prudent. As garage doors age, wear and tear on components becomes more frequent, necessitating more frequent repairs. Additionally, finding compatible replacement panels for older garage doors can become increasingly challenging, often making a new door the more practical solution.

How Much Damage Has It Sustained?

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After considering the age of your garage door, assess the extent of the damage. If only one or two panels have suffered minor damage, replacing them is a viable option. However, significant damage may extend beyond the panels, affecting the underlying mechanisms of the garage door system. A local garage door expert can help evaluate whether panel replacement is sufficient or if more extensive repairs or a replacement are necessary.

How Many Panels Were Damaged?

The number of panels on your garage door can influence the decision to replace panels or opt for a complete garage door replacement. Typically, for a panel replacement to be feasible, damage should be confined to one or two panels, at most. However, in the case of a three-panel door where most panels are affected, a complete door replacement may be the more economical choice.

What’s The Condition Of Your Current Panels?

When replacing garage door panels, achieving a seamless blend with existing panels is desirable. For older, faded, or worn-out garage doors, color-matching new panels may be challenging. Painting the entire door to achieve uniformity is an option, but this can incur significant expense. Therefore, weigh this cost against the price of a full garage door replacement.

Can You Replace Your Garage Door Panels Yourself?

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While technically possible, attempting to replace garage door panels yourself is strongly discouraged by seasoned garage door professionals. Garage doors are intricate and weighty, and without proper expertise, attempting such a task could lead to severe injury or worse. It’s best to entrust this job to trained professionals, like the team at Advanced Door. If you’re contemplating panel replacement or unsure if it’s necessary, contact us today. We’re here to assist you.

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