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Security Tips for your Garage Door

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A garage door can be a vulnerable part of your home, especially when you don’t spend much time thinking about how to enhance the security of your garage door. There are several easy steps that you can make to improve the security of the garage door and aid in protecting your home. At Advanced Door, we are passionate about ensuring that your garage door can meet all of the specific needs of your property. Here are a few of our best security tips for your garage door.

Hide your Garage Door Opener

When you keep your garage door opener easily visible within your vehicle, your garage door will be more vulnerable. It is not uncommon for vehicles to be broken into and have the garage door opener stolen. Keep your garage door opener in a more secure location in order to protect your property and your garage door.

Change Code Regularly

The longer you keep the same garage door code, the more vulnerable your garage will be. When you change the code on a regular basis, you will be able to limit access to your garage. This will help to keep your garage door more secure, which aids in protecting your property.

Inspect your Garage Door

security tipsWhen your garage door becomes damaged, it will be more vulnerable to intruders. In order to detect this damage early on, you will need to inspect your garage door carefully. This will enable you to take the appropriate steps to maintain higher security for the garage door and ensure that it stays in good condition.

Install a Manual Side Lock

A manual side lock can be a great addition to improve the security of your garage. This manual side lock will allow you to protect your home whenever you are away from the property for an extended period of time, like when you are on a vacation. Manual side locks provide an extra layer of protection for your garage.

Keep your Garage Door Closed

Many people forget to close their garage door or keep it open for an unnecessary length of time. Keeping your garage door closed is an important part of ensuring you can maintain a secure garage area. When the garage door is open, it will ultimately do nothing to protect your property.

Consider Frosting or Covering Windows

Preventing visibility inside of your garage can help to keep your property more secure. You may want to consider having any windows inside of your garage frosted or otherwise covered. While this may reduce the amount of light that can enter your garage, it can also prevent individuals from seeing valuable belongings inside of your garage.

Implement Motion Detecting Lights

Many thieves operate solely under the cover of darkness. When you install motion detecting lights to your property, you will be able to ensure that the garage is lit up whenever an intruder enters the property. This is often enough of a deterrent to prevent intruders in your home.

Lock Door Between Garage and House

It is common to leave the door between the garage and the house unlocked to provide convenient access to the home. However, this can leave your home vulnerable to intruders. Whenever someone gains access to your garage, they will also have access to your house. By keeping this door locked, you can help to protect occupants of the home.

These security tips for your garage door can often help to keep your property much safer. When you work with our experts at Advanced Door, you can be confident that your garage door will be as secure and functional as possible. For more information about how to improve the security of your garage door and protect your home, contact our experts at Advanced Door today!