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What Makes a Garage Door Modern

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Modern-style homes are becoming increasingly popular, and modern-style garage doors are even more in demand. Everyone wants their home to reflect their own personality and style, which is why modern-style homes and doors are entering the market at such a rapid pace. Garage doors used to be an afterthought, not considered as another creative aspect of a home. However, now there are dozens of different styles and elements you can incorporate into your garage door to enhance the overall style and look of your modern home. In addition to traditional and modern styles, there are many other options available for homeowners, ensuring that every person can find the right doors for their building.

Traditional Versus Modern Garage Doors

Most traditional-style doors are made of wood and feature an arch along the top portion. These doors can be customized to fit almost any frame size and are designed to complement major American architectural styles. While these doors may not complement every style of home, when paired with a more traditional-looking home, they can significantly enhance curb appeal. When you hire a professional to design and install these doors, you have the freedom to choose the materials, colors, and paneling. Another common feature of traditional garage doors is windows, available in various types of glass that you can select to best complement your home.

Modern garage doors are typically paired with modern or contemporary-style homes. These homes often incorporate earth tones and exude an elegant, simplistic look. These garage doors can be surprisingly versatile and can be designed with creativity while still matching your home. There’s a lot of flexibility with this style of garage door, offering various elements and materials to choose from. Other styles are designed to fit more specific creative concepts and may not offer as much flexibility or as many design options.

Modern Materials

A significant aspect of making garage doors modern is the choice of materials. The most common materials are glass, aluminum, wood, and steel. These materials make it easy for homeowners to select the design elements that complement the overall aesthetic of their home.


Glass doors are a popular choice that pairs seamlessly with modern-style homes. These doors give the home a sleek and sophisticated appearance, with the doors appearing almost frameless. They also maintain a consistent color scheme, adding to the simplicity of the modern look.


Aluminum is another trendy material for modern garage doors. These doors can be crafted from pure aluminum or a combination of glass and aluminum. In this style, the frames are constructed with aluminum. These doors create a clean grid pattern that contributes to the uniformity of the home. They are considered low-maintenance and recyclable.

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Wood is another prevalent choice for modern-style homes, often featuring dark colors. These doors provide a striking modern appearance with a touch of tradition. This style complements many different home designs and requires relatively low maintenance.


Steel garage doors offer even greater versatility for modern-style homes. They can be designed to mimic traditional doors while maintaining the simple modern feel. They come in a range of colors, eliminating concerns about matching the rest of your home. They require minimal maintenance and are highly durable.

Consider the Colors

Choosing the right colors is another crucial aspect of modern-style garage doors. Not every color pairs well with every type of home, and making the wrong choice can significantly impact the overall appearance and value of your home. Fortunately, garage door professionals understand the underlying principles of exterior home design and can help ensure you make the right decision to enhance your home.

Most modern-style homes use dark earth tones as the foundation of their design, with only a few accent colors to add variety. With this in mind, if your home features very dark colors and woods, it may be best to stick with this theme or perhaps even introduce a pop of color to brighten the overall look. Homes, like people, are unique in their appearance and function, and their design should reflect that individuality.

Other Elements of a Modern Door

The design of your modern-style garage door doesn’t stop at materials and colors. There are additional elements to consider, such as the types of windows and various paneling options.


When opting for glass panes on your doors, you can choose the number of panes as well as the texture. Some homeowners prefer textured glass for privacy, while others favor clear glass, especially for panes located at the top portion of the doors.

Paneling and Hardware

In addition to glass, you can select panels and different types of trim boards for your doors. These trim boards can add significant decorative style, especially when made from wood. Hardware can also be chosen to give the garage doors the appearance of actual doors rather than typical garage doors.

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