What Makes a Garage Door Modern

Modern style homes are becoming increasingly popular and modern style garage doors are even more so. Everyone wants their home to feel like their own place and an expression of their own personality and style, which is why modern style homes and doors are hitting the market so fast because there is so much you can do with the style. Garage doors used to be an afterthought and not ever seen as another creative aspect of a home. But now there are dozens of different styles and elements you can add to your garage door to help the overall style and look of your modern home. Among traditional and modern styles there are many other styles available for homeowners as well, so every person can be sure they get the right doors for their building. 

Traditional Versus Modern Garage Doors

Most traditional style doors are made of wood and have an arch along the top portion. These doors can be made to fit just about any size frame and made to complement major American architectural style homes. These doors don’t go with every style of home but when they are paired with a more traditional looking home the doors can add a great deal of curb appeal. When you hire a professional to design and install these doors, the materials, colors, and paneling can all be chosen by you. Another common element with traditional garage doors are windows in various types of glass that you can also choose to fit best with your home. 

Modern garage doors are usually paired with homes that are modern or contemporary style homes. These homes are often designed using a lot of earth tones and look very elegant and simplistic. This style garage doors are often the most surprising for homeowners and can be designed very creatively and still match your home. There’s a lot of flexibility with this style of garage door and the different elements and materials you can use. Other styles are made to fit very concrete creative concepts and offer much less flexibility and not as many options from a design perspective. 

Modern Materials

A large part of making the garage doors modern is the materials that the doors are made of. The most common materials are glass, aluminum, wood, and steel. These materials are easiest for homeowners to choose the design elements they want to match the aesthetics of the rest of the home. 


Glass doors are a very common look that can be easily paired with modern style homes. These doors give the home a sleek and classy appearance, and the doors look frameless. These doors are also kept one color and add to the simplicity of the modern look.


Aluminum is another popular trend with modern garage doors. These doors can be made from pure aluminum or out of glass and aluminum. With this style, the frames are what is made with the aluminum. These doors create a simple grid decision that adds a lot to the uniformity of the home. These doors are considered very low maintenance and are recyclable. 


Wood is another common trend with modern style homes and are most often made with dark colors. These give the striking appearance of modern with a touch of traditional. This style goes with many different styles of homes as well and are relatively low maintenance as well. 


Steel garage doors add significantly more versatility to modern style homes. This style can be made in the design of traditional doors and still maintain the simple modern feel. They can come in many different colors so you never have to worry about making sure they match the rest of your home. They don’t require very much maintenance either and are very durable. 

Consider The Colors

Another major element of modern style garage doors are the colors you choose. Modern doors do not pair well with every type of home out there and it can really make or break the overall appearance and value of your home if you make the wrong choice. Luckily, garage door professionals understand the underlying “rules” involved with exterior home design and can help to make sure you are making the right decision to better your home. 

Most modern style homes take advantage of dark earth-tones as the basis of the design with very few accent colors thrown in to mix it up. With that in mind, if your home is made with very dark colors and woods it may be best to stick with the theme or maybe even add a pop of color to lighten the overall look. Homes are just like people, they are unique in how they look and function and should be designed accordingly. 

Other Elements of a Modern Door

The design of your modern style garage door doesn’t stop there, there are even more elements such as the types of windows and different kinds of paneling you can do on the doors. 


When you have chosen to have glass panes on your doors you can choose how many panes you want as well as the texture on the panes. Some homeowners prefer textured glass so people cannot see inside while others prefer clear glass especially when the panes are towards the top portion of the doors. 

Paneling and Hardware

In addition to glass there are also panels and different types of trim boards you can have on the doors as well. These trim boards can add significant decorative style to the doors especially when they are made from wood. Hardware can also be chosen to make the garage doors look like actual doors rather than garage doors.