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What You Need To Know About Buying A Garage Door Panel

Garage Door; Garage Door Panel

At Advanced Door, a question that we often receive is, “Can I purchase a single garage door panel?” In this article, we will provide the answer to this query and also assist you in recognizing signs indicating when your garage door may require replacement. So, if you’re curious about these questions, continue reading.

When should I Consider getting a garage door panel replacement?

A garage door panel constitutes a small or large section of your garage door. It could be a single panel, or in the case of extensive damage, several panels of your garage door. If there have been minor damages to a panel, it is advisable to replace it. However, if significant issues such as rusting or large dents are present, then replacing the entire garage door becomes necessary.

Opting to replace a panel is often favored as it can be more cost-effective than purchasing an entirely new garage door. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that replacing a panel may not always be a feasible solution.

Garage Door; Garage Door Panel

So, you’re suggesting that it’s possible to replace a garage door panel?

Indeed, as you may have found, it is possible to replace a garage door panel. In fact, it is highly recommended, especially if there are minor issues that require attention.

A lot of people try different methods to replace a garage door panel that can make replacing it difficult. Let’s go over the different options.

Trying to fix the garage door panel on your own

Many individuals attempt DIY methods to rectify a garage door panel, believing that hiring a professional would incur additional expenses. However, the challenge with these do-it-yourself approaches is that you must locate:

  • A panel with the same texture as the rest of your garage door
  • A panel composed of the same material
  • A panel in the same color

After managing to find the correct panel, which can be quite arduous, you would then need to possess the knowledge of how to install it on your own. The installation process also involves adherence to specific safety procedures, knowledge typically possessed by professionals.

Turning to a professional to fix your garage door panel

Instead of attempting a DIY repair, seeking the assistance of a professional ensures you’ll be provided with the correct panel that seamlessly matches your garage door. A professional will:

  • Prioritize safety protocols during the panel installation.
  • Ensure the panel works with the rest of the garage door.
  • Verify that the panel is securely in place to preempt any potential issues.

Garage door repair Advanced Door Ogden UT Garage Door

Get help with Advanced Door in Utah

For those in the state of Utah, Advanced Door is ready to assist you with your garage door panel needs. We can help you locate a compatible panel, handle the installation, and ensure that your garage door is safe for use.

As a precautionary note, we emphasize that safety should always be your foremost concern. While independent endeavors are commendable, seeking professional help is the wiser choice.

If you have any questions about your garage door or are having issues with your garage door, contact us at 888-377-3667. We would love to help you!

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