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What You Need to Know About Smart Garages

Smart Home Garage Ogden UT Advanced Door

smart home garageThere is no question that homes are getting smarter, and modern homes are starting to come out with all the latest bells and whistles. If you want to modernize your home a bit, you may have been considering some of the smart home features. Being able to connect your garage door, doorbell, windows, HVAC system, and more all to a simple app on your mobile device makes it that much easier to having a smart home. However, with the overwhelming number of smart garage door openers on the market, you may find yourself lost as to which one is best. Here are some of our thoughts on the latest smart garage door openers, and some recommendations on how you can upgrade your existing garage door.

Controller Compatibility

Before you head to the local hardware store to order a new garage door opener, it pays to start by researching first. Is the current garage door you have compatible with the new garage door opener? If your existing system is not motorized, it can impact the controller you purchase. Check on the manufacturer website to know if the door is compatible with the garage door opener prior to purchasing it.

In addition to having a cool controller, you need to make sure it is Wi-Fi compatible with your home. Most garage door openers use 2.4 GHz signaling, but you must have a strong Wi-Fi connection, or it can lead to problems with the operation of your garage door.

Smart Device Control

Many people want to link up the garage door to other devices like their Google Home Hub or Alexa. If you want to create a smart home, you want to blend all of these devices together. Look into the brands to make sure they are all compatible. Most Google and Alexa devices do have app downloads and add-on’s for all of these extra smart devices, so you will need to check on the brand you are considering and see if it is compatible with all of your other devices.

Video with Connection

The smarthome devices are not limited to just an app on the phone, many of them will pair with your security system to include better camera monitoring and more. If you want to enhance your door, consider using a video with it to bring your home into the latest with connectivity and technology. How many users will be needing garage access? Certain brands are limited, so you will need to consider this as well when you are debating on which smart garage door opener you would like to use.

Advanced Door is here to bring your home up to date with the latest equipment and features. Give us a call or request a consultation and we can come out and discuss some of the needs you will want to address as you determine if you are ready to upgrade to a smart garage door opener.

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