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Why your Garage Door is Noisy

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When your garage door starts making noise, it’s likely that you’re experiencing multiple problems. Not only is the noise annoying, but it also indicates an actual issue with your garage door. Identifying why your garage door is noisy can enable you to make the appropriate repairs and restore its condition. At Advanced Door, we offer a wide range of services to keep your garage door in top condition. Here are a few common reasons why your garage door may be noisy:

Common Reasons for a Noisy Garage Door

garage door is noisy

There are several issues that often lead to a noisy garage door. An aging garage door is likely to start developing problems that result in excessive noise. Additionally, noise is usually an indication that the garage door requires repairs. Loose nuts and bolts can lead to a noisy garage door during operation. Other common reasons for a noisy garage door may include insufficient lubrication, worn-out rollers, or a garage door that is off-balance. A malfunctioning garage door opener may also contribute to excess noise.

Using Sound to Troubleshoot

The type of sound your garage door makes can help you troubleshoot and identify the problem. Listen carefully to the nature of the sound emanating from your garage door. Squeaking noises indicate different issues than thumping and banging noises. Whether your garage door is producing grinding, popping, banging, or any other sound, paying attention can provide valuable clues about the problem it’s facing.


Squeaking can be caused by two common garage door problems. When the nuts and bolts inside your garage door start to loosen, they often result in squeaking. By tightening these components, you may be able to eliminate the squeaking sound. Another issue that can lead to squeaking is insufficient lubrication. Inspect the garage door and ensure that every component is adequately lubricated.

Thumping and Banging

Thumping and banging are additional sounds that your garage door may make when there is an issue. These extremely loud sounds can be startling and often indicate significant problems. If your garage door is producing thumping and banging noises, it’s possible that the garage door is off-balance. It’s important to have this issue resolved quickly to prevent your garage door from causing uneven wear on your system.


A grinding sound usually indicates an issue with the garage door opener. If your garage door is making a grinding noise, you’ll likely want to hire a professional to inspect the garage door and identify the underlying problem.


Popping sounds usually indicate a problem with the springs of the garage door. When springs break or become unattached, they can impact the functionality of the garage door. If you suspect an issue with the garage door springs, refrain from operating the garage door until you have the problem repaired by a professional.

Preventing a Noisy Garage Door

Providing your garage door with regular maintenance can often prevent these issues from arising, reducing the noise it may make. It’s crucial to ensure you perform the right maintenance to keep your garage door operating smoothly. Additionally, implement the necessary repairs as soon as you notice your garage door is noisy. This can prevent the damage from escalating and minimize costly garage door repairs.

The sounds your garage door makes can often provide insights into why it’s noisy. When you implement the appropriate repairs and maintenance, you can keep your garage door in good condition. Our professional team at Advanced Door can assist in keeping your garage door operational and effective. If your garage door is noisy, consult with our experts to have the necessary repairs made as quickly as possible.

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