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12 Ways To Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

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Your garage door is one of the most frequently used parts of your home, yet many people neglect its maintenance. A well-maintained garage door can last up to about 30 years, but a lack of upkeep can significantly shorten its lifespan. Ensuring proper care of your garage door is a surefire way to extend its longevity. You wouldn’t want to incur the expense of an early replacement, given how costly it can be. Fortunately, with regular maintenance and care, you can make your garage door last much longer.

How to Increase Your Garage Door’s Lifespan Garage Door Installation Ogden Utah Advanced Door

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re seeking specific tips to increase the lifespan of your garage door. Here are 12 actionable steps you can take to help your garage door reach its full potential:

#1. Conduct Regular Inspections

Regularly checking the components of your garage door system will help you catch any issues before they escalate into major problems. What may seem like a minor squeak could be a sign of a spring in the early stages of failure, which can be dangerous. Regular inspections will alert you to the need for repairs, ensuring your garage door lasts as long as possible.

#2. Test The Balance

An unbalanced garage door puts undue strain on your opener, potentially shortening the door’s lifespan. Testing the balance is simple – disconnect it from the opener, pull the manual release cord, and observe if it stops halfway or slides. A balanced garage door will stop on its own; if not, consider calling a professional to adjust the spring tension.

#3. Use It Only As You NeedGarage Door Installation Ogden Utah Advanced Door

Just like any other item, the more you use your garage door, the faster it may wear out or break down. Encourage responsible use, discouraging children from using it for play, to reduce wear and prolong its lifespan.

#4. Check The Safety Features

  1. Your garage door comes with two safety features: mechanical and photocell. Ensure they function correctly. Test the mechanical safety by placing an object under the door and attempting to close it – it should automatically reverse. For the photocell safety, put an object in the sensor’s path; it should stop the door from closing. If not, clean the sensors for better performance.

#5. Inspect The Hardware

Garage doors have numerous components that can wear down over time. Listen for any unusual noises and ensure all screws and bolts are tight to enhance longevity.

#6. Maintain Your Weather Stripping

Weather-stripping protects your garage from the elements. Replacing it as needed prevents weather-related damage, extending the life of your garage door system.

#7. Lubricate Moving Parts

Annual lubrication keeps your door balanced and running smoothly. Avoid over-lubrication, as it can lead to problems. If unsure, consult a specialist for guidance.

#8. Replace Remote BatteriesAdvanced Door Ogden Utah Garage Door

Regularly replacing remote batteries ensures smooth operation, preventing inconvenience.

#9. Monitor The Cables

Cables are crucial for lifting your garage door. Regularly check for signs of wear and tear or damage to prevent potential accidents. If you notice any issues, contact a local professional for repairs.

#10. Keep It Clean

Rust and dirt accumulation can cause damage over time. Dedicate time each week to clean your garage door, contributing to its extended lifespan.

#11. Address Repairs Promptlymake your garage door last longer

Delaying garage door repairs may lead to further damage and even potential injury. Timely repairs are essential for safety and ensuring your garage door lasts as long as possible.

#12. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your garage door in good condition. Schedule routine maintenance with your local garage door specialist to further increase its lifespan.

Let Us Help You Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

Advanced Door wants to help you make your garage door last longer. Our expertly trained professionals will conduct any repairs as needed and give you advice on what you can do to increase the lifespan of your garage door. And when it eventually comes time to replace it? We can help you with that too. Contact us today for any questions or to schedule your garage door maintenance!

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