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Tips for Keeping your Garage Warm

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One of the major benefits of having a garage is that it creates a more comfortable environment for the walk from your home to your vehicle. In addition to this, your garage helps to protect your vehicle and the interior of your house. In order to optimize all of these benefits, you will want to take the steps for keeping your garage warm. Keeping your garage door in good condition is an important component of maintaining a comfortable environment inside of your garage. Here are a few of the best tips for keeping your garage warm, even when the temperatures outside are anything but.

Replace or Repair Weather Stripping

The weather stripping of your garage helps to keep the cold out of your garage and the heat in. When this weather stripping becomes worn out or damaged, it won’t be capable of effectively performing this task. When you replace or repair weather stripping in your garage, you help to ensure that the garage maintains a much warmer temperature throughout the winter months.

Radiant Heating to the Floors

A major advantage of concrete flooring is that they provide the ability to add radiant heating. This heating can help to warm the floor beneath your feet in the area! When you add radiant heating, you can ensure a luxurious, comfortable feel inside of your garage.

Insulate Walls

garage warmInsulation is often one of the best ways to maintain a warm environment during the winter months. When you ensure that the walls of the garage are well-insulated, you can help to trap heat inside of the building. Not only does this prevent a loss of heat, but it also prevents cold from entering into the area. By insulating the walls of your garage, you can significantly help to keep your garage warmer.

Insulate Garage Door

Insulating the walls will be largely ineffective when there is still a way in which heat can escape from your garage. When you ensure that the door of your garage is insulated, you can help to keep the heat within the garage. This can be an effective measure to take in keeping your garage warm. Not only does this help you to maintain a more comfortable environment, but it also helps to reduce money on your energy expenses.

Keep Door in Good Condition

Even if your door is insulated, damage to the door will reduce the effectiveness of your insulation. It is essential to regularly inspect the door of your garage and ensure that it continues to remain in good condition. If there is any visible damage to your garage door, it will be important to have it examined and repaired by a professional. This can help your garage to stay at a comfortable temperature during the winter.

Add a Heater

Not warm enough in your garage? Add a heater! This can help to add more warm air to the area. When the garage is well-insulated, you will be able to keep this heat contained within the garage. This can help to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Consult with a professional to learn about the safest, most efficient solution for heating up your garage.


If there are cracks or gaps around your garage, these are likely letting energy and heat escape from the building. Caulking is often an effective, inexpensive solution for repairing these cracks in the building. Regularly inspect the area and cover up cracks with caulking to seal the area. In addition, it can be useful to hold a flame around openings, like doorways and windows, to identify where gusty areas are present in the room.

When you keep your garage door in the best possible condition, you are often able to implement the most comfortable environment in your garage. This is an important step in keeping your garage warm during the winter months. Our experienced team at Advanced Door can help to provide you with the best services for your garage door to keep your garage comfortable. An insulated garage door, for example, is a great way to save money and create a more comfortable environment. Contact us at Advanced Door for more information about keeping your garage warm throughout the winter.