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7 Ways To Winterize Your Garage

insulated vs non-insulated garage doors

Temperatures are dropping, the trees have turned colorful, and this means winter is coming. Winter can bring with it a spike in garage door issues due to the fact that those cold temperatures negatively affect the metal of your garage doors. In order to prevent such issues, you’ll want to winterize your garage doors. Here are some of the ways you can winterize your garage to keep it in the best shape possible all winter long.

Insulatewinterize your garage Garage Door Ogden UT Advanced Door

Insulating your garage walls will keep your garage warmer throughout the cold winter months, making it essential to winterize your garage. The proper insulation can reduce your heating bill in the winter and make your garage more comfortable. You can install fiberglass batt insulation, which comes in a variety of thicknesses, and seal it tight to the walls to keep the cold out.


A crucial step to winterize your garage door is to clean the tracks of it. This is because grease and grime can build up on the tracks of your garage door over time. In the winter months, this can be hard to clean, especially if it drops down to freezing temperatures. Dirty tracks make for rougher operation of your garage door. To ensure your garage door will still be able to open and close properly all winter long, you’ll want to clean its tracks.


Another component to the smooth operation of your garage door is lubrication. If your garage door rollers aren’t lubricated, this can lead to both misalignment issues and affect your garage door’s opening and closing. At the same time, too much lubrication can cause the same problems. To properly winterize your garage door, you’ll want to lubricate it the right amount. You can always call a professional for help if you’re unsure about the right balance for your garage door.

Check The Grip

Snow and wet can make for a slippery garage door floor that can get icy if your garage isn’t insulated or heated. When you winterize your garage, you may consider installing a new garage floor coating that is no-slip in order to provide better traction and grip, both for you and for your vehicle.

Check Your Weatherstripping

Your weatherstripping provides a form of insulation for your garage through making a seal between your garage door and its opening. Over time, it wears down and cracks, causing your garage to be less insulated because cold air can get in through where the weatherstripping is worn down. One way to winterize your garage and prevent those freezing temperatures from getting into your garage is to check your weatherstripping and replace it if necessary.

In addition to helping with the temperature of your garage, weatherstripping also affects the operation of your garage door. Good, fresh weatherstripping will ensure not just insulation but smooth operation of your garage door.

HeatAdvanced Door Ogden UT Garage Door

A wonderful way to winterize your garage is through having heaters in it. This will both warm your garage, making it easier to work in, and help your vehicles, through reducing potential damages to your tires, battery, engine fluids, and more problems that can result from the cold.


As with most things, prevention is key. The best way to winterize your garage door is through proper maintenance. You don’t want to only check to see that your garage door is running properly and perform such things as lubrication, cleaning, safety checks, and other maintenance only when winter is coming. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your garage door running smoothly all year round.

Why It’s Important To Winterize Your Garage

Winter can wreak havoc on your garage with its cold temperatures and make your garage a miserable place to be. Winterizing your garage will both prevent potential problems that the weather can cause, as well as assist in smoother operation of your garage doors all winter long. 

Do You Have Questions On How To Winterize Your Garage?

Here at Advanced Door, we are well aware of all the problems that winter can create for garage doors. If you need extra tips on how to winterize your garage or if you need maintenance or repairs, we’re happy to help. Our experts offer a range of garage door services in order to keep your garage in the best shape possible. For more information, please contact us at Advanced Door today!

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