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How Winter Can Damage your Garage Doors

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Winter temperatures can wreak havoc on your garage doors. It isn’t uncommon to see issues in your garage doors increase in the winter months, due to the impact that the temperature has on the metal components of the door. If you are experiencing problems with your garage doors due to the winter temperatures, you should reach out to our team at Advanced Door for the appropriate services to have your garage doors repaired. Here are a few of the ways that winter can damage your garage doors.

Excess Grease

Excess grease can easily become a problem at any other time of the year, but it tends to be more common in the winter months. You may find that you are lubricating your garage doors more frequently. In addition to this, grease commonly thickens when it is exposed to cold temperatures. This excess amount of grease, and exceeding thickness of the grease, can cause your garage door to move out of alignment. Excess grease is just one way that winter can damage your garage doors.

Metal Can Contract

damage your garage doorsMany people are aware of the impact that temperature can have on various materials. Metal, for example, commonly contracts when it gets much too cold. The majority of the components that make up your garage door are created from metal. When the metal contracts, it is extremely common for issues to arise with your garage door.

Off Track Rollers

Due to both the issues with metal contracting and excess grease, it is common for rollers to get off track with your garage doors. This can prevent your garage door from operating as it is supposed to. During the winter, you should regularly inspect your garage door and ensure that you are paying attention when issues start to occur with it. It is highly likely that the rollers have gotten off track. They may need to be replaced, or you may simply need to realign the garage door.

Broken Springs

Cold temperatures commonly weaken the springs that allow your garage door to operate. Due to this, the pressure that is regularly placed on the springs may allow the springs to break completely. It is important to have broken springs replaced before you try to operate the garage door. Operating the door when there is a problem with the springs can easily lead to much larger problems with your garage door. Contact our professional team as soon as possible to have broken springs repaired with your garage door.

Slow Door Operation

When the cold temperatures impact your garage doors, it can cause the automation to slow down. Some garage door components simply weren’t made to function in extremely cold temperatures. If you notice that your garage door is slower in the winter months, it is likely a response to the cold temperatures that the winter brings.

Sensor Damage

The safety sensor is an important component of your garage door for a reason. When your sensor becomes damaged, it will not be able to perform its function, which can prevent your garage door from opening or closing correctly. This damage may be due to obstructions or warping. You will likely want to inspect the sensors of your garage door to help identify the presence of damage that is causing the garage door problem.

Damaged Weather Stripping

Your weather stripping helps to keep out the cold weather. However, this component of your garage door often sees greater demand in the winter months. When weather stripping becomes damaged, it is likely that the insulation of your garage door will suffer.

Dirty Safety Sensors

Have you ever noticed that your car is often incredibly dirty after it has snowed? The same thing applies to the exterior of your home. When ice, slush, and snow accumulate on your property, it is extremely likely to transfer dirt to your building. When your safety sensors become dirty, it can be difficult for them to operate as they are supposed to. If your safety sensor isn’t operating correctly, it may need to be cleaned.

Water Damage

Water damage is an extremely common way that winter can damage your garage door. When the snow melts, it often leaves water in the area for an extended period. Due to this, it is important to carefully inspect your garage doors for the presence of water damage, so that you can have this damage repaired as quickly as possible.

To put it simply, winter can damage your garage doors. It is important to watch out for these various considerations in order to protect your garage doors and ensure that they remain in good condition. Our experts at Advanced Door can help to provide an array of garage door services to protect your garage door and ensure that it remains in good condition. To learn more about how winter can damage your garage doors and how to prevent this damage, contact us at Advanced Door today!


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