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Garage door panel damaged advanced door utah

My Garage Door Panel Got Damaged, What Now?

Your garage door might seem like just a large opening, but it plays a crucial role in your home’s security, protection, and functionality. When a panel is damaged, it’s much more than an eyesore – it can pose serious risks to your safety and well-being. Here at Advanced Door, we believe in keeping your home safe and secure, so let’s explore the dangers of damaged garage door panels and why prompt action is vital.

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How to Organize Your Garage

The garage: a space with immense potential, often transformed into a catch-all for bikes, tools, sports equipment, and countless other items. But clutter can quickly turn this valuable space into an overwhelming, disorganized mess. Here at Advanced Door, we believe in fostering a sense of order and functionality in your home, starting from the inside out. Today, we’ll share valuable tips and tricks to transform your cluttered garage into a haven of organized utility.

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Technician looking at garage door opener

A Simple Guide for a Broken Garage Door Opener

We’ve all been there: you press the button, but the familiar whirring sound is replaced by an unsettling silence. Your garage door opener has decided to call it quits, leaving you wondering what to do next. Here at Advanced Door, we’re here to guide you through the steps to take when your opener malfunctions.

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How to Make Your Garage Door Stop Squeaking

There’s nothing quite like the unsettling screech of a garage door disrupting your morning routine. While it might seem like a minor annoyance, a squeaky door can indicate underlying issues. Thankfully, our team at Advanced Door is here to identify the noise and help you achieve smooth, silent operation once again.

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The Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Think your garage door is just a barrier between your car and the elements? Think again! An insulated garage door can transform this often-overlooked space into a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and valuable part of your home. Here’s why:

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Future-Proof Your Home: Garage Door Trends You Need to Know

Your garage door might seem like a simple necessity, but it’s also a key part of your home’s curb appeal and functionality. As technology and design evolve, so do the trends in garage doors. So, how can you ensure your garage door isn’t stuck in the past? Let’s explore some exciting trends that will future-proof your home:

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Liftmaster residential openers

Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home

Let’s face it, choosing a garage door opener isn’t the most glamorous home improvement task. Although it is an important one! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to confidently select the perfect opener for your needs, giving you years of smooth operation and peace of mind.

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How to Fix Garage Door Sensors

Your garage door’s safety sensors play a crucial role in preventing accidents and ensuring smooth operation. When these sensors encounter issues, it’s important to address them to maintain the safety and functionality of your garage door. In this guide, we’ll walk you through simple troubleshooting steps for your garage door eye sensors.

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